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Places of Interest In West Sumatera

Pemandangan Merapi Dari BukittinggiLandscape Merapi From Bukittinggi Mount Merapi, with a height of 2891 m above sea level. The mountain is located adjacent to the mountain Singgalang, which is only separated by a highway that connects the town of Bukittinggi in the town of Padang Panjang. Just as mountain Sibayak in North Sumatra and West Java Gede mountain, Mount Merapi is also always crowded by the climbers climb in West Sumatra every week night. The starting point of this ascent is from New Koto village which is situated alongside a road between Bukittinggi and Padang Panjang. Mount Marapi is one of the active volcanoes of Sumatra region. For residents of West Sumatra Marapi mountain has its own historical cultural value. Similar to the starting point for mountain climbing Singgalang, the foot of Mount Marapi now widely opened by local residents, so not much trouble. And its population is equally ramahnya. Dipuncak this mountain there are several pieces of small and large craters, large craters is a combination of two craters that had been separated into one because of the great eruption a few years ago. The peak of this mountain peaks known as Pigeon, from the top of this we are free to look at all directions one of which is the green scenery Agam plain brown. This peak is very narrow and the side of the crater while the outer side of a steep ravine.

Rute Pendakian
 Route Ascent of Mount Merapi Bukittinggi
The climb begins from the village of Koto Baru, from the village this last ascent
Climbing Routes will first pass through the open area, with the cool air and then we will pass a TV relay station and continue to climb and reached the region called Persenggrahan. This place is the food stalls are always crowded with people selling week night when many climbers who climb. The slope of this mountain is not steep so that feels more fun than the road climbs the mountain trails Singgalang. The path is clear and easy to follow, the forest is not so tight. After passing through forest areas we return to a somewhat open area with a common plant found in the area altitude. Low plant species, including sub-alpine vegetation. From the area we will arrive in the area consisting of sand and gravel. This is an open area and similar to conditions on Mount Slamet Central Jawah. Entering the peak area we will find a wide plateau region blackish full of holes like a crater that has been dead. from here the journey continues straight and climb to the peak of Mount Merapi, which is the peak called peak Pigeon. Ascent Licensing
At the peak of Merapi mouthful Rice Permits to climb this mountain is not so hard, the mountain is not managed by the national park. From past experience highcamp web master climb this mountain, at that time only have to report to the police station with a new koto submit photocopy of ID card and certificate path (if any).

Places of Interest in Puncak Merapi At the foot of this mountain there is a New Koto village there is a small lake clearly visible from the highway to Bukit Tinggi - Padang Panjang. While on the mountain itself Marapinya we can see some fruit dipuncaknya crater. If you have enough time to spare should you visit the village Smart Brush that is located not so far from New Koto village. Brush Smart Village is famous for weaving and wood carving.

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