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Jakarta, the capital city of the Republik of Indonesia, is a special territory enjoying the status of province consisting of Greater Jakarta Covering an area of 637, 44 square km (Airport Guide Indonesia ). Located on the norther coast of west Java, it is the centre of government, commerce and industry and as such has an extensive communications network with the rest of the contry and the outside word.

Place of interest in Jakarta
1  The nasional monumet
2. Central museum
3. Teater imax keong mas
4. Jaya ancol dreamland
5. Jakarta museum
6. Pulau seribu
7. Sunda kelapa
8. Ragunan Zoo
9. Satria mandala museum
10. ect..

Ragunan Zoo
Jakarta's zoo is situated in the suburb of Ragunan in the southern part of the city. Laid out in a lush tropical setting, such indigenous animal as komodo lizard, tapir, anoa, java tiger, banteng, wild ox and brightly coloured birds are given ample room to room and fly freely the green foliage. Open daily from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. The zoological garden is most crowded on Sunday and public holiday.

Portuguese Church
Situated in downtown Jakarta is the Portguese Church, built between 1693 and 1696 for the Portuguese speaking people of Batavia. Although rather plain from the outside, its interior is quite impressive with its baroque pulpit and organ

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