Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

West Java

West Java has the easiest accessibility from Jakarta as it is merely an enclave in this province.

Stretching from the Sunda strait to the Central Java border, a mountain range passes through the centre from east to west and peaks into smouldering volcanoes. The province has its own unique culture and language, both called Sundanese which is also used to call its people. The ancient kingdoms of Tarumanegara, Pajajaran, Banten and Cirebon would make interesting studies for the student for the student of archaelogy. The people differ greatly between those who live on the coastal areas and those of the highlands.
Places of interest
1. Bandung
2. Maribaya
3. Jatiluhur Dam
4. Bogor
5. Zoological Museum
6. Batu -Tulis Ciaruteun
7. Cibodas Botanic Garden
8. Taman Safari Indonesia
9. etc

Taman Safari Indonesia
Animal from all continents roam freely in this 35 hectare park, 75 km southeast of Jakarta along the Jakarta - Bandung route. Among the animal kept here are some comparatively rare species such as the anoa, rhinos, giraffers, white tigers and European, American as well as Asian bears. Adjacent to the park are recreational grounds with swimming pool, tennis courts, and artificial lake, a waterfall and a children's playground with facilities such as a circus arena, a house of horrors, a merry go round and small circuit. There are also restourant, cafetarias and other facilities.

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