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Banten is a province that just stood in the reform era, precisely on October 6, 2000. Banten is a fraction of West Java province. Designated as the provincial capital of Serang Banten. Governor of Banten, the first being Dr. H. Djoko Munandar, MSc. In this era of Sunda kingdom Pajajaran, Banten is a threat to the kingdom. In terms of trade, Banten is a rival of Sunda Kelapa. Both are an important port city. In the 13th century, the Sultan of Demak spread of Islam in West Java, namely, in Cirebon and Banten. <div class="fullpost">This makes Banten as one of the central development of Islam. In 1525, the Sultanate of Banten stand. In an era of government Maulana Hasanuddin Banten Sultanate experiencing rapid growth and further clarify its identity as a center for the spread of Islam throughout the region Pajajaran, even up to several regions in Sumatera.Banten peak prominence in the era of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa which lasted from 1651 until the year 1682. Meanwhile, the Dutch continued to enlarge its influence in the Sultanate of Banten. In the end they managed to build a relationship with Crown Prince or Princess Gusti Anom. Son's relationship with Dutch so exasperate the Sultan Ageng. Finally Gusti Sultan ordered to deepen the science of religion in Mecca, as well as running the pilgrimage. Upon returning from the holy land, known as Gusti Prince Sultan Haji. He then ran the wheels of government Banten still supported by his father. Sultan Haji behavior was not changed. He remained intimate relationship with the Dutch. To realize his son, the Sultan Ageng that when it has been living separately from their children, sending troops into Surosowan, the residence of the Sultan Haji. But the Sultan Haji take the fight against the troops sent by his father, even he asked for help the Dutch.Netherlands, which has long ambition to master Banten, did not waste the opportunity. They immediately send troops. Finally, there was fierce fighting between the forces of Sultan Ageng against the Dutch. Finally the Netherlands to urge the troops of Sultan Ageng. They occupied the residence of the Sultan Ageng, namely, Tirtayasa Palace. Sultan Ageng and several other Banten magnifying a guerrilla war. The Dutch are aware would not be able to defeat the Sultan Ageng fully, finally adopting deception. They use the Sultan Haji to ask his father to cease resistance and return to Surosowan and promised to get a guarantee of independence and freedom of movement. Sultan Ageng comply with the request that her son and returned to Surosowan. But the Dutch deny the promise and capture the Sultan Ageng for later arrested in Batavia until his death in 1692.Sultan Haji forged relationships with the Netherlands in fact be paid handsomely. Haji Sultan was forced to sign an agreement which among other things, the end of the absolute power of the Sultan of Banten and the Dutch are allowed to trade monopoly. With the agreement, the Banten region is already not free anymore, because things, especially trade, is determined by the Dutch. Further development is very disturbing people, namely, power struggles occur mores and ethical behavior has been uninstalled. Finally anxiety can not be dammed again and there was a popular uprising. Led by two leaders who adhered to the people, namely, Queen of Great Throw and Kiai Tapa, they took up arms. Further development is very disturbing people, namely, power struggles occur mores and ethical behavior has been uninstalled. Finally anxiety can not be dammed again and there was a popular uprising. Led by two leaders who adhered to the people, namely, Queen of Great Throw and Kiai Tapa, they took up arms. In 1807, the Dutch formally proclaimed that the Islands archipelago is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. As the first governor-general is Daendles Hermann Wilhelm (1808-1811). In his reign, Daendles plans to build a highway between Anyer is located at the western tip of Java and Banten belonged to Panarukan at the eastern tip of Java island. Sultan of Banten refused to provide workers to be employed in forced labor. This refusal makes Daendles angry and then attacked the Palace Banten tanggan 21 November 1808. Sultan of Banten was arrested and exiled to Ambon. Sultanate of Banten itself be abolished and Residency region.Banten people's resistance against the occupiers continue until the beginning of independence, though not on a large scale again. When at the beginning of the independence of West Java province established as one of eight provinces in Indonesia, Banten is one of the prefecture in the province of West Java.</div>

 Place of interest
1. Carita Beach
2. Krakatau
3. Ujung Kulon
4. Baduy Cultural conservation
5. Karang bolong beach
6. Salira indah beach
7. Dua island ( Pulau Dua )
Salira Indah Beach
About 14 km from Merak bus station is the Salira Indah Beach resort, located at scenic Tanjung pujut. This resort on Java's west coast can easily be reached within a few hours from Jakarta either by bus or car.


West Java

West Java has the easiest accessibility from Jakarta as it is merely an enclave in this province.

Stretching from the Sunda strait to the Central Java border, a mountain range passes through the centre from east to west and peaks into smouldering volcanoes. The province has its own unique culture and language, both called Sundanese which is also used to call its people. The ancient kingdoms of Tarumanegara, Pajajaran, Banten and Cirebon would make interesting studies for the student for the student of archaelogy. The people differ greatly between those who live on the coastal areas and those of the highlands.
Places of interest
1. Bandung
2. Maribaya
3. Jatiluhur Dam
4. Bogor
5. Zoological Museum
6. Batu -Tulis Ciaruteun
7. Cibodas Botanic Garden
8. Taman Safari Indonesia
9. etc

Taman Safari Indonesia
Animal from all continents roam freely in this 35 hectare park, 75 km southeast of Jakarta along the Jakarta - Bandung route. Among the animal kept here are some comparatively rare species such as the anoa, rhinos, giraffers, white tigers and European, American as well as Asian bears. Adjacent to the park are recreational grounds with swimming pool, tennis courts, and artificial lake, a waterfall and a children's playground with facilities such as a circus arena, a house of horrors, a merry go round and small circuit. There are also restourant, cafetarias and other facilities.

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A vibran culture, unique arts and ceremonies, a gentle and scenic beauty make Bali an island almost unreal in today's changing word, it is the main destination for pleasure tourists to Indonesia

Place of interest
a. Denpasar
b. Sanur
c. Kuta
d. Nusa Dua
e. Batubulan
f. Ubud
g. Tampak Siring
h. Klungkung
i. Tanah Lot
j. etc...

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Jakarta, the capital city of the Republik of Indonesia, is a special territory enjoying the status of province consisting of Greater Jakarta Covering an area of 637, 44 square km (Airport Guide Indonesia ). Located on the norther coast of west Java, it is the centre of government, commerce and industry and as such has an extensive communications network with the rest of the contry and the outside word.

Place of interest in Jakarta
1  The nasional monumet
2. Central museum
3. Teater imax keong mas
4. Jaya ancol dreamland
5. Jakarta museum
6. Pulau seribu
7. Sunda kelapa
8. Ragunan Zoo
9. Satria mandala museum
10. ect..

Ragunan Zoo
Jakarta's zoo is situated in the suburb of Ragunan in the southern part of the city. Laid out in a lush tropical setting, such indigenous animal as komodo lizard, tapir, anoa, java tiger, banteng, wild ox and brightly coloured birds are given ample room to room and fly freely the green foliage. Open daily from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. The zoological garden is most crowded on Sunday and public holiday.

Portuguese Church
Situated in downtown Jakarta is the Portguese Church, built between 1693 and 1696 for the Portuguese speaking people of Batavia. Although rather plain from the outside, its interior is quite impressive with its baroque pulpit and organ